10 JOB TIPS – (Living With Bipolar Disorder)

10 JOB TIPS – (Living With Bipolar Disorder)


Job Suggestions For Those With Bipolar Disorder – Polar Warriors

We had a great video suggestion that came from the comments… It was requested that I give some tips on looking for jobs that might be more suitable for people living with bipolar disorder. When I was younger, I switched jobs a LOT. Some of them were very conducive to my diagnosis, while other jobs were a downright toxic mess. If we spend 8 hours a day at our job and work until we’re 65, that’s about 22 years of time spent on the job. 22 years! If it’s an unhealthy job, that’s going to be a very VERY long time to spend participating in it. If you want to join the conversation, tell me the best and the worst job you’ve had for your mental health. It might help inspire others which is what our comment section is all about.

Before I jump into the job suggestions, I want to talk about a few things. First is variables… I’ve had jobs that were ideal for my mental health, but a toxic boss or coworkers took all the joy out of working there. I’ve had great jobs with horrible hours, or a complete lack of the medical benefits I needed to prioritize treatment. This video is no more than a suggestive guide. I can’t guarantee these tips will work for everyone, but I sure hope it helps a few people out there. If you have a counselor or medical professional that knows you well, see what they have to say about a new job prospect. Talk to your partner too. The stress, work hours, and even the people you work with might have an unforeseen impact on your relationship. Throwing that out there from personal experience.

Also, most of the new jobs I’ve started were when I was manic – weather I realized it at the time or not.. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it’s just when I feel confident enough to make big moves in my life. I made a very important video called “Manic Standards” and one of the things I talked about was starting new jobs while manic. I typically started new jobs working circles around my co-workers. Got lots of accolades – even promotions from supervisors, but eventually, I couldn’t keep up that manic-momentum. My productivity, attitude, and motivation would eventually change with my moods. People noticed. Bosses noticed. When it wasn’t fun anymore, I’d quit – sometimes without any notice. If the job didn’t feed my manic side, I’d move on to one that did. If any of this sounds familiar to you, like I said, check out that Manic-Standards video.

Last thing – I promise – before we jump into the topic… There are rock and movie stars with Bipolar Disorder. There are scientists, doctors, lawyers, and pro athletes with it. That doesn’t mean they are healthy and happy, but it does show that we are capable of great things – even under the thumb of this illness. We all have different abilities, and also different levels of severity when it comes to our Bipolar. This video isn’t going to cover ambitious career options like being a rockstar, but don’t let that stop you from going for your dreams.

So I think to adequately cover this topic, I’ll go over 10 values you might consider when choosing a new job, and then recommend a few jobs or career avenues you might think about exploring along the way.

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