AM I HIGH Functioning With My Bipolar Disorder?

AM I HIGH Functioning With My Bipolar Disorder?


AM I HIGH Functioning With My Bipolar Disorder?

“You know what really sucks… When we have severe bipolar disorder and people assume we have our s*** together because they only see us when we are well. We all know the struggle of keeping up appearances at our job, social gatherings, and even the things we post online. It’s almost easier than having to explain what’s wrong if people ask. I’ve had coworkers, friends, and even family members ask me what my problem was when I wasn’t totally “ON.” I avoid that sometimes by putting on a mask.

About 2 years ago I made a video called “do I have my bipolar shit together.” If you haven’t seen it yet, pleeeease check it out. The video basically addresses this illusion that I’m this high-functioning guy who has figured out how to conquer my bipolar disorder. Today, I want to expand on that video a little bit”….

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