Should People With Bipolar Disorder Adopt a Pet?

Should People With Bipolar Disorder Adopt a Pet?

Should People With Bipolar Disorder Adopt a Pet – Polar Warriors

This is a tough one because there is no blanket answer that works here. Some people CAN handle the demands of a pet, while others should probably think twice. This is similar to the video I made about having kids. It’s a complicated topic with lots of variables. As always, I’m going to present as much information as I can – and then let you decide what YOU feel is best for your situation.

I think I’ll do this by exploring 5 benefits, and 5 concerns of having a pet when you live with Bipolar Disorder. I’m also going to alternate them to give the video some balance. If you are symptomatic and watching this video – be careful. You might only hear what you want to hear. PLEASE take your time with this decision. You will be responsible for the success or demise of another precious life.

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