The Foresthill Bridge – Auburn California

The Foresthill Bridge – Auburn California

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255


“As of mid-2021, there have been 94 SUICIDES since the bridge’s construction. As part of the bridge’s 2011-2015 renovations, a 6½ foot tall pedestrian barrier was installed to prevent further attempts.”

-This “barrier” cost tax payers over $1.5 MILLION to install and it has done NOTHING to stop the problem. Seniors are using ladders to bypass the railing while younger people simply climb over it.

My name is Rob Whittaker. I’m a Mental Health Advocate and I live with severe type 1 Bipolar Disorder. I’m honored to run the world’s largest YouTube channel dedicated to Bipolar Disorder. I hope you feel very welcome here =).

My goal in making this video is to bring awareness to a serious problem in a town where I grew up. I know other cities around the world experience the same crisis, and it is my hope that someone out there has a better idea than a “1.5 million dollar climbable fence”…

I’d love to hear your ideas! If your City has come up with a solution that is working, please share it in the comments. THIS IS NOT the place to share the specifics of losing someone. Please keep your comments FREE OF TRIGGERS AND FULL OF SOLUTIONS =)

-Rob Whittaker, Polar Warriors

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